Radio broadcast

Margaret Thatcher in 1979

I was interviewed for an edition of Archive on 4 which was broadcast on Radio 4 on Saturday 27 April at 8pm. 

The programme is called 1979: Democracy's nightmares, and explores the "the political fears and hopes of a divided, uncertain Britain - 40 years ago, in the period just before Mrs Thatcher's 1979 election victory".

In the interview I spoke about the growth of the National Front at the end of the 1970s, the Rock Against Racism Carnivals of 1978, our fears that some National Front MPs might be elected to Parliament, as well as our fears of what would happen to the country if Thatcher won the election.

The programme-maker and presenter, Phil Tinline, used quite a lot of my interview in the final cut. I thought the programme was very interesting, with an unusual approach that highlighted not just conventional political thought but what was going on in culture - books, plays, tv programmes etc as well as in popular music - at this period of great social upheaval.