Are you looking after someone with dementia?

Looking after a relative, partner or friend with any long-term condition is tiring and stressful, but looking after someone with dementia is particularly challenging. You can read about different people’s experiences of caring for someone with dementia in my book Telling Tales About Dementia: Experiences of Caring.

Are you a carer?

You may not think of yourself as a “carer”, but if you are supporting someone with a long-term condition such as dementia, or even if you are just concerned that someone you care about is finding it hard to manage, you may get a lot of helpful advice and information from your local carers’ centre  or from Carers UK .

There are two organisations which exist specifically to support and empower family carers of people with dementia, offering information, training and opportunities to get involved and make a difference. They are tide (together in dementia everyday) and Dementia Carers Count.

You may find it helpful to join the Alzheimer's Society online forum, Talking Point, where people affected by dementia share experiences, information and tips.