People with Dementia Speak Out

In People with Dementia Speak Out, twenty-three people from diverse backgrounds share their experiences of living with dementia.

The contributors are honest about the frustrations and the fears that they face, but overall there is remarkably little self-pity and a great deal of optimism. The personal accounts in this book demonstrate that with the right support at the right time, and above all with opportunities to continue to contribute to society in a meaningful way, it is possible to live well with dementia.

These fascinating stories bring to life the characters behind the collective term ‘people with dementia’, and clearly show that each person with dementia is a unique individual with their own personality, history, beliefs, cultural affinities and sense of humour, and their own way of adapting to the disabilities and opportunities which this condition confers.

This unique collection of personal testimonies will be reassuring and encouraging for those coming to terms with a diagnosis of dementia, and for their families and carers, and is essential reading for health and social care professionals at all levels.

‘Powerful and moving…’  

‘These are not tales of sorrow and suffering…’ 

A rich and multi-dimensional collection…’ 

Lucy and her co-authors will inspire, challenge, and yet reassure you in equal measure...'

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You can meet some of the contributors here.

Lucy highlighted the key themes in the book in an article she wrote for the Journal of Dementia Care November 2015 .

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