Meet some people with dementia

Here are some of the people with dementia who contributed to my book People with Dementia Speak Out:

Ross Campbell

Ross Campbell: ‘Since I had dementia, I’ve had some wonderful experiences, I really have.’

Jennifer Bute: ‘I went to see the consultant and he said, “Hullo Jennifer, lovely to see you! There’s nothing the matter with you!” Before I’d even sat down! He didn’t do any investigations at all.’

Jennifer Bute

Alex Burton

Alex Burton: ‘There was no follow up, no “We’ll see you in six months’ time”. It was just, “Here’s a prescription.” I just stared at it. I didn’t know anything about dementia or Alzheimer’s at that stage. Not a thing.’

Pearl Hylton: ‘Anybody been very kind to me, it stays with me.’

Pearl Hylton

Rukiya Mukadam

Rukiya Mukadam: ‘I hope something can be done to help raise awareness in the Asian community about dementia, to break down the taboo and get rid of the stigma. I’ll be very happy if that happens.’