Dear RAR

Rock Against Racism received hundreds of letters from supporters all round the country and quite a few from other countries too. Kate Webb (Irate Kate) who ran the RAR office replied to all these letters, sending out the badges and stickers which people had ordered, along with our "Gig guide" explaining how to put on a RAR gig.

We published as many of the letters as we could in our fanzine Temporary Hoarding.  Here are some quotes:

'I went to the Clash gig in Manchester and was very disturbed by the number of people wearing swastikas and talking about fascism…' (TH4)

'And what makes it worse is that I’ve discovered some of my friends are NF supporters… As soon as I got my Rock Against Racism badge along with Temporary Hoarding, I put it on my school jacket to display it to ’em all.' (TH5)

'Sorry for the delay in replying – the dreaded exams you know! ... Did I tell you that I very nearly got expelled for handing out anti-NF leaflets? '(TH6)

'Please say hello to all anti-Nazi bus conductors… I got on noticing the conductor’s Buzzcocks badge and sat there clearing my head and holding out my 8p fare. He came down the bus and just pointed to my RAR badge and said, “That’s a free pass!” '(TH6)

‘My friends were walking around Southampton late at night, decked out in their RAR badges. Down the road they heard a chanting mob of NF supporters. They managed to get their badges off before they were greeted with "Are you righties or lefties?" Tell me, were my mates cowards, or were they sensible?’ (TH7)

‘I have converted six people from the ways of the NF in our school. No real hard force was needed, just a bit of talking. I really made fools of them by asking them to stand up in class and tell everybody about the Front. They just didn’t have a clue, and as my talk was on RAR, it was thoroughly easy and a RAR walkover. Thanks for being who you are cos I got B+ for the talk.’ (TH9)

‘PLEASE can you tell us if there is anyone else in this area who’s involved with RAR who we can get in touch with? Thanks!’ (TH7)

‘Since I’ve joined RAR I have tried to spread the word but all my old skinhead mates have become members of the British Movement…’ (TH11)

‘Hello Friends. If you think that your actions aren’t good known, you are wrong. I’m writing from Yugoslavia where almost every young punk knows you… Go on with concerts. Go on with Rock Against Nazists. Did some stupid boys in England forget the crimes of Nazists during the World War II. HOW CAN BE SO RUDE AND CRAZY?’ (TH11)