Punk and its aftermath

Long long ago (1977), I called myself Lucy Toothpaste, and produced three issues of my feminist, anti-racist, anti-fascist punk fanzine JOLT. After that I got involved with Rock Against Racism and later Rock Against Sexism, and wrote lots of articles for their respective magazines – Temporary Hoarding and Drastic Measures. This in turn led to a long association with pioneering feminist magazine Spare Rib.

Cover of JOLT 2

Cover of Temporary Hoarding 4

Poster for Rock Against Racism Militant Entertainment Tour 1979

Cover of Drastic Measures 3

Cover of Spare Rib 107

In recent years there has been a revival of interest in the culture and politics of the late 1970s, and I have contributed to research and events celebrating and exploring what was achieved in those heady days.   

Read more about Rock Against Racism here, and about my early punky feminist writings here.