Reviews of Telling Tales

‘This is a powerful collection of first hand accounts by 30 people who have cared for a person with dementia… The contributors are commendably diverse in terms of ethnicity, age, gender and sexuality. They include spouses, children, siblings and friends of the person they care for.  Carers of people with dementia are the main audience for this book, and they will find much to identify with and much to support them. It is equally important that professionals read this kind of book, and not just those with a specialist knowledge of dementia, as one of the key messages is a failure to recognise and understand dementia. Taken together these short stories are probably more effective than a shelf full of dementia strategies and books about person-centred care.’  Ros Levenson, Mental Health Today

‘As a practitioner in dementia support, I found this book inspiring … The voices of carers are an important contribution to improving treatment and care and this book should be read by everyone supporting people living with dementia … It is clear that there is a need for tenacious, consistent and determined love for people to live well with dementia. This love from family, friends and gifted professionals is the thread that links every story in this book.’  Bennett Mott, Nursing Standard 

‘Every one of these stories is a jewel-house of observation, dedication and feeling. This is a wonderful book which we must be thankful for and make good use of.’ Professor David Jolley, University of Manchester

‘A strength of this book is the variety of situations and relationships it covers. There are families from different cultures as well as gay and lesbian carers, who help us see some of the special challenges for carers from minority groups.’ Julia Burton-Jones, Relatives and Residents Association Newsletter

‘This is a genuinely moving document, and the wealth of experience drawn on merits careful consideration… Oral histories form a highly productive resource that is now fortunately being used more regularly. The process can be of untold benefit to contributing participants, and the ensuing wider perspective is equally valid and important as an overview of trends and patterns throughout society.’ Stephen Weeks, Working with Older People

‘There is a great deal of honesty and directness here, and the very real pain, anger and guilt which those close to the person with dementia experience as a result comes through loud and clear. But there are also examples of highly sensitive and loving interventions, as well as precious and sustaining moments of shared joy, humour and gratitude. These remind us that dementia does not have to be all about deterioration and grief, and there are many opportunities to learn and grow.’ Kate Allan, Faith in Older People

Telling Tales is a testament to human attachment, resourcefulness and humour in the face of immense challenge. It is a compelling read.’ Beryl Hylton Downing, Speech & Language Therapy in Practice

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‘What a wonderful book!’ Sher, Amazon 2013

‘Highly recommended: An extraordinary book, well worth reading by anyone who is involved with any aspect of dementia care.’ STM Wilde, Amazon 2014

‘A powerful and important book: Although the suggested aim of the book is for those who are caring it really should be read far more widely.’ Totnes Nigel, Amazon 2015

‘Very moving and yet so real! I work in a Residential Care Home for the elderly and I keep having training on dementia, but the book was excellent and I recommend it to everybody that works in care to read it. A real inspiration! Really helps to understand the patients much better.’ Kryssia Sagot, Amazon 2010